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Government Relations


Plugins, also called widgets, are a great way for you to further your advocacy efforts. Plugins allow you to take popular features of this site and add them to your own website(s).

The different types of plugins and widgets are listed below. Click on the links below to view available plugins and widgets and to obtain the code that you can then insert into your website. Depending on what options are provided, your site visitors can then use the plugins to support the issues of this site, write their own letters to officials or media, find out more about their elected leaders or research upcoming elections.


  • Alert Plugins Alert Plugins enable you to put Action Alerts directly onto your website.

  • Register Plugins Register Plugins enable you to put registration forms directly onto your website.

Lookup Tools

  • State Widgets Your site visitors use these interactive plugins to contact your state legislature about your issues or to find out more about their federal elected leaders.

  • Election Widgets These interactive tools allow your site visitors to find the candidates for office in upcoming elections.

  • Media Widgets Media plugins allow your site visitors to find national, state or local media contacts so that they can make your issues known.

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